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Into the Ningenkai [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Oct 2005|08:57pm]

Alright. So.

This place has been dead again and again. I know someone posted asking to be Kurama or Botan. If you want, you can be either one sicne no one seems to be alive anymore. I'll try getting this place mention on some YYH comms so people can join. If anyone wants to do the same, please do so. Hopefully this doesn't die again >.> Which it might...

If anyone is still interested in RPing here, leave a post.
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[23 Oct 2005|12:25pm]

Is someone playing as Kurama please answer if someone is I'll play as Botan.
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[23 Oct 2005|12:19pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So um, if Kurama is taken I'd be willing to play as Yukina or Botan

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[11 Aug 2005|02:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

*relives* After...months of being dead, I declare this thing in pending, meaning...it's neither alive nor dead. In order to the RP to actually start, we're gonna be needing the characters. With that said, those of you that asked for a character, please leave a comment stating who you are and what character you want to be.

I shall be playing as Hiei, just so you all know XD; Sorry.

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*pokes* >.> [04 Aug 2005|02:17am]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm wondering if this RP alive? o.0 I'm willing to try for a Yuusuke role, if that's alright. But, most of all, I want to know if the RP will start. ^_^

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New Role Player [28 May 2005|07:43pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Errr..Hi...Is it too late to join the role play? i read the plot so far and I know that Hiei and Kurama are taken but will there be other charcters too like Shishiwakamaru and Jin? If not will it be okay if I am Koenma? and if you are accepting other could I be Shishiwakamaru instead of Koenma?

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[21 May 2005|10:55am]

Ok, well...O.o What are we doing?
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[04 Nov 2004|08:44pm]

Uh, yeah. What do you guys wanna do now? We have....I think three RPers....^^;;;; Heh
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OOC [06 Sep 2004|02:01pm]
Hey there! Just to let whoever joins know that I'll be playing Kurama! I'll try my best to impersonate the calm and angsty ((in my opinion))figure of kurama and youko!
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[22 Aug 2004|08:58pm]

Hello and welcome to the Yu Yu Hakusho RP! Mmm...since this is the first post, we have no RPers...well, except for me..=P Anyways, its new, its you, so please join. All characters are pretty much up for grabs (cept for Hiei) Yay!
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